UK Submission of the FAO Code of Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) Aquaculture Questionnaire 2017

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Background Information:  The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, (also known as CCRF, or the Code) was adopted in 1995 by the FAO, and seeks to facilitate change and adjustment within fisheries and aquaculture in order to ensure that resources are utilized in a long-term sustainable manner. In accordance with Committee on Fisheries Sub-Committee on Aquaculture recommendations, a biennial questionnaire on the aquaculture provisions of the Code was first circulated globally in 2013; the aim of which was to enable the FAO to compile a comprehensive set of data and carry out analysis of the global aquaculture performance in relation to the Code.

 This 2017 UK submission is in accordance with the FAO CCRF questionnaire structure and details the essential aquaculture management instruments and measures across the UK, as well as mechanisms that support or enhance these instruments and measures

 Aquaculture is a devolved responsibility in each Devolved Administration (DA), therefore aquaculture management instruments, support mechanisms, etc., are often different across the UK

 As such, to produce ‘UK wide’ answers to the questions held within this document is a challenge as each nation needs to be given the opportunity to produce its own responses

 Each of the Fisheries Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales have provided responses with a score and a written explanation – these are given in the following tabulated questionnaire

 The Fisheries Administrations that provided the 2017 responses were:

 Northern Ireland – Responses provided by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA):

 Scotland – Responses provided by Marine Scotland:

 England and Wales – Responses provided by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS):, and Welsh Government (

 An overall ‘UK score’ has been assigned to each of the questionnaire items based on the Fisheries Administrations responses  The coordination of this UK response was undertaken by the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish:

 Approval for Seafish to organise/coordinate the UK questionnaire came from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra:

 Seafish submitted the 2017 questionnaire on behalf of the UK in February 2017 (Seafish contact: Mr Lee Cocker, Aquaculture Manager

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