The European Aquaponics Association seeks to collaborate on a certification for soilless producers

Context: collaboration to deliver a certification for soilless producers in the European Region.
NB Not Aquaponics Specific.

Earlier this year we had a really interesting meeting with the man who has assisted the European Eel – aquaculture sector to develop a sustainable-produce standard using ISEAL – the same standard as is used by FSC (for wood) and in the UK the Marine Stewardship Council. I.e. a very respectable standard- giving body.
Given that we have had limited results with pursuing an organic standard for aquaponics – both petitioning the EU and via our own certification awarding bodies (soil association etc) and given the success of MSC, FSC standards and others like them – we think it may be an idea to work on achieving a sustainability standard of our own.
Put very simply – based on the experience of the Eel sector, the standard takes about 3 years to develop, and costs around €10000 for the actual standard registration – but may cost towards €100,000 in labour for someone to do the work of this over the three years… and a budget needs to be in place for delivering the standard once it has been accepted.
The European Aquaponics Association has decided this is something we would like to put energy into, as it would have a beneficial impact on our members, however we note that our sector brings together a variety of soilless producers – not limited to “aquaponics”.
To get the ball rolling, we have set us up an email list via google groups – if you want to be part of this ongoing conversation, please do request to join via this link:
Please also pass this link around your networks to others who may have energy to contribute to this collaborative work.
We are also looking for an active ‘LEAD’ on this project – that could be a university or business – that has energy to dedicate to looking after this stream of work. Something that can be discussed via the group later down the line.