PODCAST BAQUA001 Sara Crappé and Saskia Buysens of PCG, Belgium
Welcome to our first ever podcast from the British Aquaponics Association – it was a huge privilege to visit PCG Read more.
Liverpool University awards grant for Aquaponics project
The University has awarded seven public engagement with research grants to support staff and postgraduate students with the delivery and Read more.
Just wanted to share aponix latest newsletter – if you like vertical barrel systems these look fun for natural light Read more.
Results just out of the 3 years research project ROOF WATER-FARM funded by the German Ferderal Ministry of Education and Read more.
Adam Dixon introduces new technology with his Cardiff based business Phytoponics. Hydrosac which is a hydroponic grow bag that is compact Read more.
This year’s Commercial Witness Session was with Adrian Nuttal of The Chilli Company: a chilli farm selling chilli products online and with a Read more.
Friday the 1st of July marks and exciting day for both innovators and food security enthusiasts alike as Urban Catch Aquaponics Read more.