Results just out of the 3 years research project ROOF WATER-FARM funded by the German Ferderal Ministry of Education and Research.

ROOF WATER-FARM demonstrates paths towards innovative city water management and urban food production. Potentials and risks of redesigning across sectors of infrastructure are explored and communicated.

The research association investigates opportunities for building-integrated water treatment systems to irrigate and fertilize roof-top greenhouses. Technologies for water treatment and aquaponics (plant and fish cultivation) are examined at a demonstration and test site in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The research focuses on a hygienically safe usage of rainwater, greywater and blackwater as both a strategy for city water management and a potential for urban food production.

The findings of the research project and ongoing activities are presented in the following formats (unfortunately mainly in German language):
+ online compendium of results on the website: but also on facebook
+ ROOF WATER-FARM Online-Kurs (MOOC) from today onwards on the platform:
   mooin,  unter
+ Exibition and workshops at the ongoing Interantional Gardening Exebition -IGA- in Berlin
+ Site visits of the demonstration site in Berlin, arrangable at the website, as well as thanksgiving day 14.9.2017