Research & Standards Committee

Dear all,

One of BAQUA’s aims has been to facilitate an open and free speaking community that works together to help to ensure that the aquaponic industry is as effective and efficient as possible. One of the ways we hope to achieve this is by creating and facilitating a UK based ‘Aquaponic Research & Standards Committee’.

The Aquaponic Research & Standards Committee will bring together the UK aquaponic community to discuss aquaponic research and standards. By joining together we hope to make research as effective as possible and reduce the risk of duplication; maintain aquaponics clean and green image and; identify and promote standards and best practice within the UK aquaponic sector (amongst other relevant aims).

Having launched this concept at our conference in March, it was clear from audience feedback that this idea would be very well received. We have been working with Kevin Frediani (Head of Sustainable Land Use at Bicton College) to progress this idea further.

We feel that the committee should represent the views of the whole UK aquaponic community, so we have put together a survey monkey questionnaire to try and capture everyone’s views regarding the aim(s) and objective(s) of the committee, including how it should operate and who should be on it.

The questionnaire only consists of 10 questions, so if you can take the time to fill it in we would really appreciate it. Here is the link: Also, we would appreciate it if you could forward this onto anyone who may be interested in this topic.

Thank you in advance.

The BAQUA Team