Reminder of Free FAO courses

A reminder that there are some excellent free-to-use courses available from the Food and Agriculture Organisation – FAO.
1. Sustainable Development Goal indicators
2. Food and Nutrition Security Analysis and Policies
3. Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment
4. Communication and Capacity Development
5. Agricultural Risk Management and Resilience
6. Gender and Social Analysis
7. Child Labour and Youth
8. Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation
9. Responsible Governance of Tenure
10. Food Safety
11. Right to Food
12. Agricultural Statistics
13. Trade, Markets and Investments
14. Crop Improvement
15. Animal Production and Health
16. Nutrition and Food Systems
17. Information Management and Knowledge Sharing
18. Rural employment, decent work and migration
19. Geospatial Data for Land Monitoring
20. Humanitarian Coordination
21. Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems