Plant Pathogens in Aquaponics – Survey

Gilles Stouvenakers of Integrated and Urban Plant Pathology Laboratory Ulg Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech needs your help with a paper on plant pathogens control in aquaponics, and asks us to fill out a survey. The aim of this survey is to index plant pathogens/diseases occurring in aquaponics. Until now, there is no data on it. The questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete and is divided in 3 parts; contact/system details, information about your aquaponic system, and plant pathogens. If you can complete it, it will be very helpful. All the data will be summarise in a table mentioning the aquaponic system references. Send your completed survey to: Gilles Stouvenakers –

Aquaponic plant pathogens survey (1)