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  • Shop Aquaponics UK

    There are so many excellent resources and bits of equipment out there that you will need for running your own aquaponics project. We are pleased to share our aquaponics web-shop with you –  built from our own experience of what works, and what we’ve needed since 2011 when our own aquaponics Read more [...]

  • Aquaponics Smallholding and Training Facility

    Fish Production Type:
    • Carp
    • Other

    Our new project is the Aquaponics Smallholding and Training Facility based in rural Cheshire as a community agriculture start-up project supported by UrbanAg. Our plan is to provide for the wider community:- — access to fresh ethically produced local foods; — agricultural smallholding related work experience; — practical training courses Read more [...]

  • Smart Greens

    The founders of Smart Greens UK, are passionate about fresh fruit and vegetables.  They want the children and grandchildren of our friends and families to eat healthily.  They want people in Oxfordshire, and maybe wider, to be able to choose to eat fresh produce that is grown locally and to know Read more [...]

  • Haughton Springs

    Fish Production Type: trout

    Hans Hoff has spent 15 years improving his trout strain for ongrowers. The Winterbourne Strain was created using unique genetic selection techniques - find out more on our podcast available on soundcloud or itunes

  • Green Lab

    We've a fully equipped bio-lab for research and experiments. Whether you're looking to grow mushrooms on cardboard, grow bacteria, farm insects or experiment with aquaculture. We've a creative studio for you and can help you design and conduct your research.

  • Humble by Nature Aquaponic Greenhouse

    An educational and research facility-The HbN ASG was designed to showcase available technology and methods of aquaponic growing. We provide educational and research facilities to schools, universities, public & private groups. We run 5-day, 2-day and 1-day courses, run by experienced scientists, technicians and Aquaponics growers. We also run tours Read more [...]

  • Urban Catch Aquaponics

    Fish Production Type: other

    Urban Catch is a social enterprise that focuses on sustainability education and aquaponics growing in Glasgow. We work with schools, community groups, and companies to spread the use of aquaponics and educate on food security issues.

  • FishPlant

    Fish Production Type:
    • Tilapia
    • Trout
    • Perch
    • Carp

    FishPlant systems are aquaponic systems, combining aquaculture and hydroponics. The units are designed and developed by HydroGarden the largest manufacturer and distributor of hydroponics in the UK. There are two standard sizes of the system. The Family Unit and the Production Unit. FishPlant Family Unit is a great way to Read more [...]

  • Urbanag CiC

    Fish Production Type: carp

    URBANAG is a social enterprise registered as a Community Interest Company with a mission to promote the aims and objectives of urban agriculture (UA) within the United Kingdom as a mainstream contributor to the food supply. URBANAG provide Commercial Consulting and specialised training courses for both domestic and commercial sized Read more [...]

  • Byspokes

    We are a Community Interest Company focusing on sustainable community development through the implementation of projects, provision of training and consultancy to individuals and organisations in the fields of sustainable agriculture and sustainable resource management. We develop and implement diverse projects, training courses and other activities, both independently and in Read more [...]

  • BioAqua Farm

    Fish Production Type: trout

    Bioaquafarm is the biggest integrated aquaponic trout farm in Europe and the first commercial farm of its kind in the UK started in 2012 after Antonio Paladino and Amanda Heron left London to follow their passion for creating premium quality and sustainably grown food and changing the way food is Read more [...]

  • Grow Bristol

    Fish Production Type: tilapia

    Grow Bristol is a new urban farming enterprise developing innovative and sustainable ways of growing food in the city for the benefit of all its inhabitants and the wider world. We are creating a new kind of market gardening with vegetable and fish production in city spaces not normally suited to agriculture. Our aims are Read more [...]

  • Bristol Fish Project

    Bristol Fish Project CIC is a community-supported aquaponics farm in Bristol. Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed recirculating ecosystem utilising natural bacterial cycles to convert fish waste to plant nutrients. We think everyone should be able to access affordable, nutritious and good quality food Read more [...]