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  • Aquaponics Shop – EU

    Aquaponics shop is thé place to buy all aquaponics material for professionals and hobbyists. This web based service – for all your aquaponics needs! We also like to give price for materials that you can’t find here and for your entire project. Contact us via or the contactform. Aquaponicsshop is distributor of SIBO, FILTRECO, OASE,… NEW! Biological Seeds and UNISEAL

  • Shop Aquaponics UK

    There are so many excellent resources and bits of equipment out there that you will need for running your own aquaponics project. We are pleased to share our aquaponics web-shop with you –  built from our own experience of what works, and what we’ve needed since 2011 when our own aquaponics Read more [...]

  • AquaSearch

    Fish Production Type: trout

    The mission of AquaSearch is to provide superior, customized genetic material on a competitive basis for successful and prosperous trout production worldwide based on supply of superior genetics through trout eggs. Our expertice – Your Value All year supply Overall high performance Carefully selected breeding shown in 8 different product Read more [...]

  • Haughton Springs

    Fish Production Type: trout

    Hans Hoff has spent 15 years improving his trout strain for ongrowers. The Winterbourne Strain was created using unique genetic selection techniques - find out more on our podcast available on soundcloud or itunes

  • CitizenFarm

    Fish Production Type: other

    Check out our podcast (or here if you don’t use itunes) interviewing Axelle Vallet from CitizenFarm during our aquaponic tour in France Summer 2017.  CitizenFarm based out of Toulouse France tries to approach aquaponics by reconnecting city-dwellers with their food production. CitizenFarm offers homes-scale products (ozarium), Community Scale systems (oikofarm), farming Read more [...]

  • Fish Production Type: fishproductiontype

    Whilst Purewell has a range of equipment, as outlined on their excellent website, one of its key advantages is the ability to offer truly bespoke products and services. From design, manufacture and on to installation Purewell can offer a complete service, tailored to your needs. Remember - when looking at Purewell's products you can always pick up the phone and ask for something more suited to your needs. And remember that Purewell can also undertake site inspections and installation!

  • Urban Catch Aquaponics

    Fish Production Type: other

    Urban Catch is a social enterprise that focuses on sustainability education and aquaponics growing in Glasgow. We work with schools, community groups, and companies to spread the use of aquaponics and educate on food security issues.

  • FishPlant

    Fish Production Type:
    • Tilapia
    • Trout
    • Perch
    • Carp

    FishPlant systems are aquaponic systems, combining aquaculture and hydroponics. The units are designed and developed by HydroGarden the largest manufacturer and distributor of hydroponics in the UK. There are two standard sizes of the system. The Family Unit and the Production Unit. FishPlant Family Unit is a great way to Read more [...]