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  • We farm all over the city, 365 days a year. Our vertical farms are designed to ensure the maximum natural expression of each plant. By cutting the lengthy food supply chain we are able to offer fresher products, rich with nutrients and bursting with unique flavour.

    Our groundbreaking farming technology is a product of what happens when passionate food agriculture, and tech experts collaborate.

    Designed to effortlessly plug into the city’s existing infrastructure, our modular farms can be stacked to fit any given space perfectly. Our farms are rooted across Europe in supermarket aisles, restaurant kitchens, and distribution warehouses. Each farm is its own ecosystem, with growing recipes that tailor light spectrums, temperature, and nutrients to ensure the maximum natural expression of each plant. A matrix of sensors collect and record growth data from each farm. We are remotely controlling the performance of the farms at all times, ensuring your plants receive the best care as they grow. Our growing tray design is inspired by the sunflower.

    To create our unique farms, we looked to nature’s own, most elegant designs and structures and integrated them within our technology. Our growing recipes tailor a combination of light spectrums, temperature, pH, and nutrients to create the ideal ecosystem that can nurture the growth of our plants, allowing each variety to express its natural flavor profile to the fullest. The beautiful and space-efficient arrangement enables a daily fresh harvest and produces the exact output to meet even your highest demands.

    By recreating different growing environments, we are able to reintroduce forgotten or rare plant varieties back into our everyday lives. Plants that would not have survived the long journey to our plates can now be grown right in our own neighbourhoods.

    We are operating in an era of profound changes in climate, technology, and mass urbanisation. Changes that are rapidly causing a shift towards more transparent and sustainable food production. As people increasingly migrate to the world’s urban centres, often far from where their food is produced, the delivery and demand for fresh produce have taken a heavy toll on our planet and on the quality, diversity and nutrition of produce readily available to people every day.

    Industrial farming was designed to produce the largest volume of food at the lowest cost, to feed a rapidly growing population. Large-scale agriculture led to soil degradation, water waste, and plant diseases that require the use of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. A globalised urban population with an insatiable craving for exotic and non-regional produce further fuelled this faulty system. Food was no longer farmed locally, instead it was flown in from countries located thousands of kilometres away, where warmer climates and cheaper labour made food production more economical. We believe that this is our current food system’s biggest failing: it is too far removed from the people it is trying to feed.

    At infarm we are redesigning the entire food supply chain from start to finish. Instead of building large-scale farms in hard-to-reach rural locations, optimising on a specific yield, and then distributing the produce, we are distributing our farms themselves. Farming directly where we live and eat. Designed to effortlessly plug into the city’s existing infrastructure, our modular farms can be stacked to fit any given space and demand. With farms taking root in supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and distribution centres throughout the city, we are laying the foundation for a new urban food system. A food system built on transparency and quality.

    Because the closer we get to the source of our food the better it is for us and for our planet.

  • Address: 6, Glogauer Straße
    Scale: Large commercial
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  • Scale: Large commercial