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    BIGH Farms

    Where do you serve?: Local Community
    Who do you sell your produces / services to?:
    • Interested Individuals
    • Local eateries
    • Box scheme
    Fish Production Type: hybrid striped bass
    Plant Production Type:
    • Microleaves
    • Basil
    • Tomatos

    Welcome to BIGH Welcome to BIGH, our mission is to build a network of sustainable aquaponic urban farms in major cities. Today, more and more people live in urban areas. The need for fresh and safe food increases every day. For cities worldwide, this is a key challenge. Intensive, integrated urban farming Read more [...]

  • Aquaponics Shop – EU

    Where do you serve?: International - Europe
    Who do you sell your produces / services to?:
    • Interested Individuals
    • Researchers
    • Farm Gate
    • Specialist community
    • National wholesale
    Fish Production Type:
    • Trout
    • Perch
    • Catfish
    • Carp
    • Other

    Aquaponics shop is thé place to buy all aquaponics material for professionals and hobbyists. This web based service – for all your aquaponics needs! We also like to give price for materials that you can’t find here and for your entire project. Contact us via or the contactform. Aquaponicsshop is distributor of SIBO, FILTRECO, OASE,… NEW! Biological Seeds and UNISEAL

  • Inagro – Your Partner in International Collaboration

    Fish Production Type: pikeperch
    Plant Production Type: tomato

    Inagro is the knowledge partner of agricultural and horticultural businesses in the areas of innovation and sustainability. The INAPRO aquaponics system in Belgium is based on an already existing aquaculture and horticulture system that were connected in 2015. This system has been exploited to run tests concerning water and nutrients management and usage and it has been producing pike perch (Sander lucioperca) and tomatoes.

  • Aqua4C / Omega Baars

    Fish Production Type: perch
    Plant Production Type: tomato

    At the Aqua4C fish farm in Kruishoutem everything is being done to grow sustainable fish. Together with the tomato farm located next to the fish farm, Aqua4C has set up a hot recirculation system to maintain ecological aquaculture.