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    Android apps are applications that have been typically devised using the Java programming language, in collaboration with the Android Software Development Kit. However, there are many development kits including Android NDK or indigenous tools for extensions or apps in C/C++.

    You will find there’s visual setting called Google App Inventor that the beginners and trainee developers use. This is used by the multiple phone web-based application framework.

    The end-users could possibly get Android apps in 2 methods. They could have them from an applications store like the Amazon App store and Google Play. They may also download them and set up the APK file in the app from your third-party website.

    If you use google’s Play Store, you can surf through, download, and modify apps which might be developed by the developers and launched by Google. These apps are featured on the search engines Play Store and could be pre-installed on gadgets which continue with the compatibility criteria of Google. This list of applications which might be well-suited to the gadget is screened by the app. Moreover, the app developers might limit their apps to particular bearers or transporters for commercial purposes.

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