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    Usually its celebrities making headlines in Los Angeles. This time, its a mountain lion that is making news headlines in the Los Angeles area.

    Biologists from the National Park Service located the mountain in the Verdugo Mountains, a small mountain chain just north of downtown Los Angeles, on May 7, after a novice scientists was able to film him. He was handed the identifying title P-41 and was fitted with a GPS tracking collar.

    fleet tracking hope that the collar will give them the pertinent information they will need in order to document how difficult it really is for these animals to outlive because of their close proximity to the major freeways that run through Montrose, La Crescenta, Burbank, Glendale and sections of Denver.

    P-41 is estimated to be an 8-year old adult male mountain lion who weighs 130 pounds.

    According to Kate Kukendall of the nation’s Park Service, after he was spotted, he was captured, blood and tissue samples were taken, he was fitted with a GPS tracking collar and released around the extravagant.

    People who hike the Verdugo Mountains found difficult to believe that this mountain lion remained with us. When questioned, Kenny Miranda, a hiker of this area, said that he didnt have any idea the money animal was coming from because he never heard or seen of a mountain lion living globe area.

    Mountain lions have been an interest of the nation’s Park Service for over a decade.

    In accessory for P-41, other mountain lions that scientists have been studying include P-22, who has made his home in Griffith Village green. In total, utilizing 11 mountain lions which being tracked by biologists, including a number in the Santa Monica and San Gabriel hills.

    The fate of mountain lions recently been very dim in recent years. Due for the influx of human population and the continuously growing traffic and construction, their existence has all but ceased to exist. Which is why they 11 mountain lions are generally currently being tracked, and likely additional mountains lions will be tracked your market future; because biologists wish to learn about their struggle, how human activity is impacting them, how they are adapting and the direction they can be helped.

    According to Kuykendall, is actually important to expected how the DNA of P-41 can very different than any other animal close to proximity to the area where this mountain lion was found. Other animals that survive in the area, like cougars, are solitary beings and intensely rarely cross freeways.

    Scientists are nevertheless waiting notice what type of movements P-41 makes centered around the information sent back by his GPS pet collar. The information the player do receive will enable them to to be aware of what regarding locations are easier for mountain lions to fold.