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    Would be good to know what people do for whitefly infestations. I had a bad one recently. I have my system outside and there are no doubt a few holes which need filling – was wondering about netting?

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    Hi all,

    Wanted to see how you guys manage pest control – especially on much larger systems. Tips and tricks for the various bugs out there would be welcome.

    My experience – I had some grow lights that were running through the night. I invariably ended up with a massive bug infestation (especially white fly) which shut my system down for a while…[Read more]

  • Hi – I’m Adam – I did a dissertation on Aquaponics whilst studying at uni and have been hooked ever since. I am currently working on a relatively small system in my back garden. It’s the size of a double wardrobe which makes things rather difficult. At present the fish tank is currently empty because I have had some bad leaks – don’t worry the…[Read more]