Jens Bjorkvist (aquaholics) and Alice in conversation

This month’s podcast involves a conversation between Alice-Marie and Jens Bjorkvist (Sweden) following his visit to the UK. We cover curious like – what gets people into aquaponics – and discuss the ins and outs of our respective ventures.

“Jens Björkqvist is my name and I have my background in the constructing business. I am a certified plumber but after 5 years I felt that I have more in life than to build apartment complexes. I wanted to do something for the environment and at the same time be able to use my old knowledge and after a long train of thoughts – aquaponics was at my doorstep! The choice was obvious, this is what I need to do!

For the last 2 years, I’ve been one of the driving forces behind one of the biggest aquapoinc project in Sweden. Were myself and my college have been planning, building and now running the system. We are now in planning state of building our second aquaponic facility just outside Gothenburg and I also have an degree in aquaculture from Swedens only aquaculture education

With all this I am also the host on my very own Aquaculture and Aquaponic podcast called – The Aquaholic Show!”