As a commercial aquaponicist I have to interact with EU traceability law – and I’m always interested in figuring out how best to interact with this because – great traceability and short delivery chains is part of our value proposition right!

Orange Silicon Valley, and Food System 6 teamed up to research and publish a insights about the challenges of food traceability. While transparency is a goal that stakeholders throughout the food system share, the obstacles for consumers, supply chains, brands, and entrepreneurs can be entrenched and nuanced.  Micki Seibel and Sarah Williams share the first of four parts of their assessment establishing where these obstacles exist and opportunities to overcome them:

  1. Paths to Food Traceability: Consumer Views of Truth
  2. Paths to Food Traceability: Knots in the Food Web (coming next)
  3. Paths to Food Traceability: The Biggest Challenges for Brands (coming soon)
  4. Paths to Food Traceability: How Entrepreneurs Can Find Opportunities (coming soon)