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    This is definitely an area I am interested in! Anyone else had thoughts on this? I have managed to control a simple environments with a RPi and I am currently looking at image analysis for determining plant growth. Longer term goal would be to use AI to analyse plant growth and update the environment accordingly but that would require considerable investment of time and money. The only other thing on the list for this forum is robotics. Clearly taking the man power out of the equation reduces overhead but I think that too much automation destroys more than it saves.

    Would love to know what other people thought of this as the future of aquaponics…

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    Hi Adam, can you add us on WhatsApp – ** Moderator removed** – we have a little micro electronics chat going on I can add you to

    NB: Should you wish to join the Sensors, Controls, Aquaponics whatsapp group please DM Alice.

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      I am an electrical and electronic engineering student about to try and automate my aquaponics set up and would love to be in this chat!

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