First Iris flowers in the world grown in Aquaponics

So, I’m proud to announce that at My Rivendell’s Aquaponics farm the iris bulbs are in bloom! That’s a small success of mine to grow these bulbs in our first DIY aquaponic system ’till the flowering stage inside our first greenhouse. And as a matter of fact, as far as I know none else has ever farmed flower bulbs, but saffron, with this method. In fact, unlike saffron that is a rustic crop, generally bulbs are highly sensitive to mold and high humidity. This is the reason why I had to devise some clever “tricks” to create natural barriers that reduce the amount of water directly reaching them. In other words, it’s been a great deal of a bet on my side. But luckily it worked as well as I imagined, despite the loss of some bulbs. Anyway, who can achieve perfection with the first short! Nonetheless, it’s an highly gratifying result for me. Since it’s a further proof of the precious resource a female mindset can be for unleashing the full potential in Aquaponics. Moreover, I think that it’s a starting point for the development of small-scale aquaponic systems as home decor furniture, especially addressed to women who like to embellish their homes with flowers but have little time to spend to take care of them. In short, we finally could bring Aquaponics with its benefits into every people’s house/apartments.