CitizenFarm and Co-bble at your service!

In partnership with the superb start-up Co-bble , CitizenFarm have been developing a solution for a few months that will allow you to find the maximum of answers to your questions.

“Aquaponics is a complete and complex technique and many of you ask us questions about it. To optimize your experience, we have grouped most of the requests made to us this past year.

This platform will deal with different issues:

  • After Sales Service : information about your order, defective items etc. Your requests will be sent directly to us in the form of a ticket and will facilitate internal management to respond as quickly as possible.
  • Technical issues : both on the Ozarium and on aquaponics more generally. All the keys are there for you to succeed in your aquaponics experience. A question about your fish, water, seeds and more? Everything is united on one platform.
  • Quotation requests for the installation of our Urban Farms: the OïkoFarms, as well as the technical sheets.
  • Requests for advice & training . You want to mount your project in aquaponics? Do you need technical advice for a project? You want to learn aquaponics or deepen your knowledge? So this section is for you!

platform;  online assistance

This new interactive FAQ aims to offer you all the elements necessary to make your aquaponic experience as successful as possible.

It will be scalable according to your requests, so do not hesitate to give us your feedback so that we can improve it regularly. And do not worry, we remain available if you do not find what you are looking for!”

The platform is directly accessible via the ” Need help? “From their site.