Brexit and the Welsh Economy

Policy Forum for Wales Keynote Seminar
Brexit and the Welsh Economy

Emma Edworthy, Deputy Director, Trade and Performance Management, Welsh Government

Dr Nick Fenwick, Farmers’ Union of Wales
Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Institute of Directors
Ros Kellaway, Eversheds Sutherland
Tim Rycroft, Food and Drink Federation
Steve Smith, Tata Steel
Councillor Rob Stewart, WLGA
Giles Thorley, Finance Wales
Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Aberystwyth University

Chaired by:
Stephen Kinnock MP, Member, Select Committee on Exiting the European Union (subject to parliamentary business)
Nathan Gill MEP/AM

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Morning, Tuesday, 5th December 2017
Central Cardiff
The focus:
Policy priorities for supporting the Welsh Economy as the United Kingdom prepares to withdraw from the European Union – looking at;
What Brexit will mean for different sectors of the Welsh economy;
Challenges for adapting to new trading agreements;
The wider implications of Brexit on devolution.

To note:
Discussion is expected on the impact of Brexit on the Welsh farming sector – with reform likely as the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy will no longer impact the UK. There will be a speaking contribution from Dr Nick Fenwick, Director of Agricultural Policy, Farmers’ Union of Wales;
Agenda includes a keynote address from Emma Edworthy, Deputy Director, Trade and Performance Management, Welsh Government; and
As policymakers seek engagement on these important issues, further officials have registered to attend from the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales; DWP; FSA Wales and Wales Audit Office, as well as policy specialists from the Welsh Government in the areas of Trade; Agriculture; Marine and Fisheries; EU Transition; Housing; Land, Nature and Forestry; Waste; Further Education and Apprenticeships; Natural Resources and Environment; Business and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing.

The agenda:
Priorities for businesses in Wales: developing sustainable economic growth post-Brexit;
Reforming farming in Wales outside of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy;
Ensuring stability and seizing growth opportunities in Wales’ manufacturing industry;
Maintaining investment and attracting international students to Welsh higher education;
Promoting Wales as a destination for inward investment and developing improved export opportunities to non-EU nations; and
The potential diversion of EU trade from Welsh ports.

It follows the Welsh Government’s white paper on Brexit which sets out its priorities ahead of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, including retaining full access to the Single Market, guaranteeing the rights of EU migrants living in Wales, the replacement of current EU funding and the establishment of a transitional phase after Brexit;
Also follows the Welsh and Scottish Governments’ joint set of amendments to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill – with questions surrounding the future framework of inter-governmental relations regarding the forthcoming repatriation of powers from the EU; and
The seminar also takes place in the context of further publication of policy documents – the recent Brexit and Fair Movement of People preceded by Brexit and Devolution.

The draft agenda is copied below my signature, and a regularly updated version is available to download here. The seminar is organised on the basis of strict impartiality by the Policy Forum for Wales. Follow us @PFWEvents for live updates.


We are delighted to be able to include in this seminar a keynote address from Emma Edworthy, Deputy Director, Trade and Performance Management, Welsh Government.

Further confirmed speakers include: Dr Nick Fenwick, Head of Policy, Farmers’ Union of Wales; Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Regional Director, Wales, Institute of Directors; Ros Kellaway, Head, EU Competition and Regulatory Group and Partner, Eversheds Sutherland; Tim Rycroft, Director of Corporate Affairs, Food and Drink Federation; Steve Smith, Director, UK Transformation, Tata Steel; Councillor Rob Stewart, Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Economic Development, Europe and Energy, WLGA; Giles Thorley, Chief Executive, Finance Wales and Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Vice-Chancellor, Aberystwyth University.

Stephen Kinnock MP, Member, Select Committee on Exiting the European Union (subject to parliamentary business) and Nathan Gill MEP/AM have kindly agreed to chair sessions at this seminar.


This seminar will present an opportunity to engage with key policymakers and other interested parties, and is CPD certified (more details). Places have been reserved by officials from the DWP; FSA Wales; Office of the Secretary of State for Wales; Wales Audit Office; Welsh European Funding Office and the Welsh Government. Also due to attend are representatives from Aberystwyth University; Atradius Collections; Centre for Ecology & Hydrology; CIPD Wales; Conwy County Borough Council; Deryn; Dunbia; Dwr Cymru; Food and Drink Federation; Gaas Bus Alliance; KTS Owens Thomas; Land Use Consultants; National Trust; Natural Resources Wales; Powys County Council; Principality Building Society; PwC and Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA).

Press passes have been reserved by representatives from Farmers Guardian and Herald Newspapers.

Overall, we expect speakers and attendees to be a senior and informed group numbering 120 people, including Welsh Government officials, Assembly Members, regulators and other agencies, representatives from sectors such as: manufacturing, food and drink, academia, finance, legal, digital, agriculture, transport, business development and support – alongside reporters from the national and trade media.

Output and About Us

A key output of the seminar will be a transcript of the proceedings, sent out around 12 working days after the event to all attendees and a wider group of Ministers and officials in the Wales Office and Welsh Government departments affected by the issues; as well as Assembly Members with a special interest in the subject. It will also be made available more widely. This document will include transcripts of all speeches and questions and answers sessions from the day, along with access to PowerPoint presentations, speakers’ biographies, an attendee list, an agenda, sponsor information, as well as any subsequent press coverage of the day and any articles or comment pieces submitted by delegates. It is made available subject to strict restrictions on public use, and is intended to provide timely information for interested parties who are unable to attend on the day.

All delegates will receive complimentary PDF copies and are invited to contribute to the content.

The Policy Forum for Wales is strictly impartial and cross-party. The Forum has no policy agenda of its own.

Booking arrangements

To book places, please use our online booking form.

Once submitted, this will be taken as a confirmed booking and will be subject to our terms and conditions below.

Please pay in advance by credit card on 01344 864796. If advance credit card payment is not possible, please let me know and we may be able to make other arrangements.

Options and charges are as follows:
Places at Brexit and the Welsh Economy (including refreshments and PDF copy of the transcripts) are £210 plus VAT;
Concessionary rate places for small charities, unfunded individuals and those in similar circumstances are £80 plus VAT. Please be sure to apply for this at the time of booking.

For those who cannot attend:
Copies of the briefing document, including full transcripts of all speeches and the questions and comments sessions and further articles from interested parties, will be available approximately 12 days after the event for £95 plus VAT;
Concessionary rate: £50 plus VAT.

If you find the charge for places a barrier to attending, please let me know as concessionary and complimentary places are made available in certain circumstances (but do be advised that this typically applies to individual service users or carers or the like who are not supported by or part of an organisation, full-time students, people between jobs or who are fully retired with no paid work, and representatives of small charities – not businesses, individuals funded by an organisation, or larger charities/not-for-profit companies). Please note terms and conditions below (including cancellation charges).

I do hope that you will be able to join us for what promises to be a most useful morning, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely


Peter van Gelder
Cyfarwyddwr, Fforwm Polisïau Cymru / Director, Policy Forum for Wales

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