BAQUA002 Bristol Fish Project Community Eel Release, Stijn and Valentin of Aqua4C and

Welcome to our second podcast from the British Aquaponics Association – first we spend some time with Bristol Fish Project as they take their conservation destined eels on a little adventure, then it’s over to Belgium – and a huge privilege to visit Aqua4C – a 200000kg/pa bass / perch farm that partners with a Tomato producer to create an interdependent-yet-decoupled aquaponics venture. The interview was recorded as part of our Summer 2017 tour of Aquaponic Facilities – you can Listen Here to the episode! Or Here if you don’t have itunes

Bristol Fish Project – A little about Bristol Fish Project – Bristol Fish Project CIC is a community-supported aquaponics farm in Bristol. This is the first CSA in the UK that centres on aquaponics and the first Aquaponics project globally (we think) to centre on eel cultivation!  Bristol Fish Project  (BFP) has piloted a series of aquaponics systems – allotment scale (5000L) cafe scale (1000L plus hydroponic grow-wall), black soldier fly systems, and conservation scale (2000L) and is in the process of  building a 30,000L facility growing Eels as part of a conservation programme. See Bristol Fish Project in the Geodirectory. BFP host regular courses and offer consultancy.

Aqua4C / OmegaBaars – We talk to Stijn Von Hoestenberghe and Valentijn Schepens of Aqua4C who have partnered with Tomato Masters to set up the what looks from here to be the largest (200000kg/pa fish) decoupled aquaponic system, and arguably the most sustainable fish farm in the world. See Aqua4C / OmegaBaars in the Geodirectory for more info – We spend a lot of time chatting to Valentijn about his wider interest in aquaponics beyond Aqua4C including project / – which like BAQUA is a network resources centric website with fantastic info for prospective and current aquaonicists including some great sketches of system designs like this one (and see the photo of this in action below that!)

You may also be interested in some publications from Stijn Van Hoestenberghe and his colleagues:

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