Alltech Global Feed Survey

Last month we had a look at feed production news – to add to that; we want to mention recent evidence that – Global feed production surpassed 1 billion metric tons for first time in 2016!

According to Alltech sixth annual Global Feed Survey, the world produced more than 1 billion metric tons of feed in a single year. Alltech surveyed 30,000 feed mills in 141 countries and found that the U.S. and China are the top two producers – covering one-third of all animal feed. 

The aquaculture feeds sector continues to grow (12% growth in 2016) – an increase  that correlates with the consumption of farmed fish.  Increased production from Turkey, Germany, the U.K. and France contributed to a strong performance from the European region.

You can see 16 “things to know” from their survey and download their presentation here