Hello! Welcome to The European Aquaponics Association- A proactive network focused on advancing the European aquaponics sector!

We aim to:

  • facilitate knowledge and resource sharing across the network
  • enable members to overcome specific operational issues through access to specific technology, information or expert guidance
  • introduce innovations and the state-of-the-art in research and practice from Europe and beyond
  • facilitate high-level training opportunities for practitioners
  • make aquaponics more accessible to entry-level practitioners
  • initiate relationships between practitioners, researchers, suppliers, the public and interested parties

We do this by:

We Signpost

Sector Resources

Funding Updates

The state of the art in aquaponics research

Jobs and Opportunities Listings

Courses and learning opportunities

Advisory & Consultancy Services

We operate:

A monthly ish Newsletter

A Facebook Group

A podcast

A Hackuaponics Forum

Aquaponics Directory


We Initiate

Policy and Governance interventions

Business collaborations

Demonstration Projects

Technology Partnerships

Open Data Sharing

To be a member (join here) is to:

  • Have a say in stewarding the development of the sector based on your needs and experiences
  • Stay up-to-date with research, innovation, legislation and inspirational projects – Connect with aquaponics services, consultancy and products
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Access to members only conferences and events
  • Find new opportunities for collaborative projects, technology partnerships and exchanges – Collaborate on policy recommendations and legislation changes
  • Find like-minded change-makers and accelerate the development of Aquaponics in Europe
  • Seek and share internships and jobs – Grow your network and connect with a diverse skill base
We have an open – leadership model, where those who are inspired to commit time to our mission – to develop our sector (by supporting our members) – can join our steering group and contribute to the direction of our organisation. If you are interested in joining the steering group please contact alicemarie.archer@gmail.com



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2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Nicky

    Hi, I’m just looking at starting a home system in a poly tunnel for home veg production. Do you have anything for the absolute beginner? Although youtube offers a great resource it would be interesting to see whats on locally in Somerset.