5000L Aquaculture System for Sale

“Due to scaling up production, our current 5 cubic metre aquaculture system that was built early last year is being decommissioned. It has been used for growing out Tilapia, which we have been selling locally. Currently, it is coupled to our multi-layered hydroponics production unit inside a 45ft shipping container. The set up can be easily decoupled, dismantled and rebuilt in another location as a RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) or coupled to a hydroponics unit for aquaponic production. We are offering for sale the complete aquaculture system with the components listed below (all good quality and in great working order!) This is a tried and tested system that is currently stocked with Tilapia for sale (but could be used for other species). It would be an ideal professional system for anyone wishing to set up an aquaponics project of their own. So, come and see it in operation. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to arrange a viewing.

System Components

1. 3 x 1400 litre green GRP holding tanks W1960mm x D 1150mm x H 1050mm

2. Blue Eco 240W pump with external control

3. Nexus 220 bio filter


4. Evolution Aqua Evo 55 UV clarifier http://www.evolutionaqua.com/acatalog/evoUV.html

5. Elecro 700 stainless steel 3kw pond heater


6. Evolution Aqua Air Pump 95l/min


7. Effast Pipe and Fittings


It would cost around £5,000 to build this system new, from scratch. We are offering the

equipment for £3,000 ono​. This price will include us demonstrating the system in operation at our site and supporting you with installation at your location.

Download pdf with images etc

Interested parties please contact pete@growbristol.co.uk