Jonathan Reyes, Jordan

I’m Jonathan Reyes. I am based in Jordan.

I am a social-impact entrepreneur focused on using technology and aquaponics to radically transform the way we do food and make a living. I have been living in Jordan since 2012 and have been engaging with aquaponic research and commercial systems and the disruption of agricultural supply chains with a company I co-founded, Tulua.

While working on these projects I realized a large gap in how information is transmitted and recorded in the aquaponic world. Information was untrustworthy, the ramp-up time was extremely large and metric tracking was nowhere to be found. So my business partner and I decided to co-found an aquaponic tech company called Aquaponics AI to facilitate the expansion and accessibility of aquaponics globally.
I believe that aquaponics is the perfect interim solution for producing what we need at a higher yield with no harmful chemicals. It’s one of the driving forces behind the hyper-localization of agriculture and happens to be a great proponent of permaculture principles.

What do you bring to the steering group?

While not residing in the EU, I truly believe that the success of aquaponics depends on its global adoption and the collaboration of its practitioners. As we move forward we must be able to prove, using data, that aquaponics is viable and a preferred solution for the future of urban agriculture. So I will be trying to bring my skills as a strategist and technologist to help others do well with aquaponics.

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